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Cursos presenciales o a distancia para aprender inglés.

Tandem is a language enrichment center that caters to the whole person.  Our goal is to provide the best possible courses for our students and ensure that each student is motivated and given the individual tools that they need to be able to achieve linguistic fluency.  Through a mixture of fun and formal exercises, our students leave our school motivated, excited and prepared to use their new language.  Our teachers recognize the essential ways in which they must adapt lessons and assessments to meet the unique needs of each student.  We want our students to have fun, but above all to LEARN.


                  Tandem English Academy                     Tandem Escuela de idíomas 
Tandem Escola d' idiomes 

Our Courses

Lunch at Tandem: 

At lunchtime, lunch at Tandem immerses students in English for two hours a week, Monday through Friday.   Students join Teacher Jennifer and Xavier at their home for lunch, where they learn English naturally while feeling at home and engaging in everyday over-the-table conversations.  After lunch,  students partake in a communication and project-based lesson full of songs and adventures, ensuring that students have fun but, most importantly, can remember what they have learned far after the class is over!     

Hybrid/ Presentiial Classes:   
Our hybrid lessons are essentially presential; students are expected to come to class. However, if needed, the students also have the freedom to join online from home. 


Online Classes:
We created our Online English Courses out of the need to ensure that our students could continue learning out of the comfort of their own homes.